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English poetry

We invite you to visit the site dedicated to poetry. We would like to bring poems of the classics of world literature to attention of readers. The structure and navigation of the site is very convenient. A wide choice of poems will please the reader.

Reading provides benefits in many cases, including reading poetical works. There are moments in the life of everyone, when sadness invades you or, on the contrary, joy overwhelms you and you want to share your thoughts. Not always there will be a conversationalist nearby, but if you open a book, even a virtual one, loneliness will recede. It turns out that people who write poetry, feel just like you, feel experience and rejoice. Poetry is one of the wonderful and emotional ways of communicating.

Not everyone believes that poetry is really necessary for a modern person. Someone even believe that reading poetry is harmful, since they distract you from reality, taking to an imaginary world and making us socially unadapted dreamers. According to this point of view, only the imagination develops. A number of studies prove the opposite.

For example, scientists from Liverpool University managed to find out that under the influence of reading poetical works, brain activity is significantly increased and remains even after the end of reading. Is this not a proof of the benefits of reading? Robert Wilson, a researcher from America, studied the brain activity of the elderly for several years. It turns out that those who read regularly had better memory and suffered less from various senile pathologies.

Reading fiction is the best way to get through the stress. Neurophysiologist David Lewis with a group of researchers injected volunteers into a stressful state. To get rid of stress, the test persons were offered several methods, for example, walking, drinking tea, listening to music. Reading proved to be the most effective of all the proposed methods. The well-being was normalized a few minutes after the beginning of the reading. And there are many such examples.

Poetry has a beneficial effect not only on our psychological state, but also trains memory and develops imagination. Read your beloved a few verses – this will be the most unconventional way to impress. Children like to listen to poetry, they are easier to remember – it is useful for human development. Read poetry, please yourself and others!