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The Lyon And The Gnat

To the still Covert of a Wood About the prime of Day, A Lyon, satiated with Food, With stately Pace, […]


VAIN Love, why do’st thou boast of Wings, That cannot help thee to retire! When such quick Flames Suspicion brings, […]

La Passion Vaincue

On the Banks of the Severn a desperate Maid (Whom some Shepherd, neglecting his Vows, had betray’d,) Stood resolving to […]

The Unequal Fetters

Cou’d we stop the time that’s flying Or recall itt when ’tis past Put far off the day of Dying […]

The King and the Shepherd

Through ev’ry Age some Tyrant Passion reigns: Now Love prevails, and now Ambition gains Reason’s lost Throne, and sov’reign Rule […]


A Gentleman, most wretched in his Lot, A wrangling and reproving Wife had got, Who, tho’ she curb’d his Pleasures, […]

The Bird and the Arras

By neer resemblance see that Bird betray’d Who takes the well wrought Arras for a shade There hopes to pearch […]


See, Phoebus breaking from the willing skies, See, how the soaring Lark, does with him rise, And through the air, […]

Fragment at Tunbridge-Wells

FOR He, that made, must new create us, Ere Seneca, or Epictetus, With all their serious Admonitions, Can, for the […]

The Tree

Fair tree! for thy delightful shade ‘Tis just that some return be made; Sure some return is due from me […]

The Atheist And The Acorn

Methinks this World is oddly made, And ev’ry thing’s amiss, A dull presuming Atheist said, As stretch’d he lay beneath […]


The Tree of Knowledge we in Eden prov’d; The Tree of Life was thence to Heav’n remov’d: Hope is the […]

The Man And His Horse

Within a Meadow, on the way, A sordid Churl resolv’d to stay, And give his Horse a Bite; Purloining so […]

The Phoenix

A Female Friend advis’d a Swain (Whose Heart she wish’d at ease) Make Love thy Pleasure, not thy Pain, Nor […]

The Spleen

What art thou, SPLEEN, which ev’ry thing dost ape? Thou Proteus to abus’d Mankind, Who never yet thy real Cause […]

The Change

POOR River, now thou’rt almost dry, What Nymph, or Swain, will near thee lie? Since brought, alas! to sad Decay, […]

The Poor Man’s Lamb

NOW spent the alter’d King, in am’rous Cares, The Hours of sacred Hymns and solemn Pray’rs: In vain the Alter […]

The House of Socrates

FOR Socrates a House was built, Of but inferiour Size; Not highly Arch’d, nor Carv’d, nor Gilt; The Man, ’tis […]

Moral Song

Would we attain the happiest State, That is design’d us here; No Joy a Rapture must create, No Grief beget […]

The Executor

A Greedy Heir long waited to fulfill, As his Executor, a Kinsman’s Will; And to himself his Age repeated o’er, […]

Life’s Progress

How gayly is at first begun Our Life’s uncertain Race! Whilst yet that sprightly Morning Sun, With which we just […]

The Dog And His Master

NO better Dog e’er kept his Master’s Door Than honest Snarl, who spar’d nor Rich nor Poor; But gave the […]


Observe this Piece, which to our Sight does bring The fittest Posture for the Swedish King; (Encompass’d, as we think, […]

The Cautious Lovers

Silvia, let’s from the Crowd retire; For, What to you and me (Who but each other do desire) Is all […]

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