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To Death

O King of Terrors, whose unbounded Sway All that have Life, must certainly Obey; The King, the Priest, the Prophet, […]

To A Husband

This is to the crown and blessing of my life, The much loved husband of a happy wife; To him […]

To The Nightingale

Exert thy Voice, sweet Harbinger of Spring! This Moment is thy Time to sing, This Moment I attend to Praise, […]

For the Better

A Quack, to no true Skill in Physick bred, With frequent Visits cursed his Patient’s Bed; Enquiring, how he did […]

The Eagle, The Sow, And The Cat

THE Queen of Birds, t’encrease the Regal Stock, Had hatch’d her young Ones in a stately Oak, Whose Middle-part was […]

Cupid And Folly

CUPID, ere depriv’d of Sight, Young and apt for all Delight, Met with Folly on the way, As Idle and […]

The Equipage

Since the Road of Life’s so ill; I, to pass it, use this Skill, My frail Carriage driving home To […]

The Shepherd And The Calm

Soothing his Passions with a warb’ling Sound, A Shepherd-Swain lay stretch’d upon the Ground; Whilst all were mov’d, who their […]

A Tale of the Miser and the Poet

A WIT, transported with Inditing, Unpay’d, unprais’d, yet ever Writing; Who, for all Fights and Fav’rite Friends, Had Poems at […]

A Song

Persuade me not, there is a Grace Proceeds from Silvia’s Voice or Lute, Against Miranda’s charming Face To make her […]

The LORD and the BRAMBLE

To view his stately Walks and Groves, A Man of Pow’r and Place Was hast’ning on; but as he roves, […]

Three Songs

LOVE, thou art best of Human Joys, Our chiefest Happiness below; All other Pleasures are but Toys, Musick without Thee […]

The Man Bitten By Fleas

A Peevish Fellow laid his Head On Pillows, stuff’d with Down; But was no sooner warm in Bed, With hopes […]

The Tradesman and the Scholar

A Citizen of mighty Pelf, But much a Blockhead, in himself Disdain’d a Man of shining Parts, Master of Sciences […]

On Myselfe

Good Heav’n, I thank thee, since it was design’d I shou’d be fram’d, but of the weaker kinde, That yet, […]

The Appology

‘Tis true I write and tell me by what Rule I am alone forbid to play the fool To follow […]

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