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Poems in English

Moon In Virgo

You are not beaten. The simple music rises up, Children’s voices in the air, sound floating out Across the land […]


It’s mid-winter and the sunrise knows it, and wakes me With a shudder; I’m just a man. For 5 cold […]


It could be Valley Oak or Snap-bean, Elderberry, or Cattail rising out of the creek; All began the same, a […]

Redbud Trail – Winter

It’s two muddy miles from Highway 20, Just past the north fork of Cache Creek, Across the broad meadow, through […]


Quiet! Today the earth tells me, be quiet. Ssh! No talking now. Our soul Is listening to tiny things, almost […]


for C. G. Macdonald, 1956-2006 Charlie, sunrise is a three-legged mongrel dog, Going deaf, already blind in one eye, Answering […]