English poetry

Poems in English

Wayward Wind

My patient, Paul, wrote in a poem That he belongs to the wayward wind, A restless breed, A strange and […]

Between Hurricanes

As we slide into the 3rd world we have created, Running from hurricanes, With our SS# indelibly inked on our […]

Yin Yang

At the edge of winter In crisp early March A dull thud of numbness Delays joy and sadness That will […]

My Indian In-laws

I remember India: Palm trees, monkey families, Fresh lime juice in the streets, The sensual inundation Of sights and smells […]

Book Passion

I dreamed I was eating A book. It was made from 8″ by 12″ slabs One inch deep. It tasted […]

The Waiting

Silence has no zen today. Ambient freeway noise From ј mile away, The occasional Friday nighter Coming home 2:00 a. […]