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Poems in English

The Christening

What shall I call My dear little dormouse? His eyes are small, But his tail is e-nor-mouse. I sometimes call […]


James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree Took great Care of his Mother, Though he was only three. James James […]

Rice Pudding

What is the matter with Mary Jane? She’s crying with all her might and main, And she won’t eat her […]

Us Two

Wherever I am, there’s always Pooh, There’s always Pooh and Me. Whatever I do, he wants to do, “Where are […]


Has anybody seen my mouse? I opened his box for half a minute, Just to make sure he was really […]

The King's Breakfast

The King’s Breakfast The King asked The Queen, and The Queen asked The Dairymaid: “Could we have some butter for […]

Teddy Bear

A bear, however hard he tries, Grows tubby without exercise. Our Teddy Bear is short and fat, Which is not […]


John had Great Big Waterproof Boots on; John had a Great Big Waterproof Hat; John had a Great Big Waterproof […]


Christopher Robin goes Hoppity, hoppity, Hoppity, hoppity, hop. Whenever I tell him Politely to stop it, he Says he can’t […]


If people ask me, I always tell them: “Quite well, thank you, I’m very glad to say.” If people ask […]

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