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Poems in English

After The Last Dynasty

Reading in Li Po How “the peach blossom follows the water” I keep thinking of you Because you were so […]

Father and Son

Now in the suburbs and the falling light I followed him, and now down sandy road Whitter than bone-dust, through […]

The Science Of The Night

I touch you in the night, whose gift was you, My careless sprawler, And I touch you cold, unstirring, star-bemused, […]

The Snakes of September

All summer I heard them Rustling in the shrubbery, Outracing me from tier To tier in my garden, A whisper […]

Single Vision

Before I am completely shriven I shall reject my inch of heaven. Cancel my eyes, and, standing, sink Into my […]

Hornworm: Autumn Lamentation

Since that first morning when I crawled Into the world, a naked grubby thing, And found the world unkind, My […]

King of the River

If the water were clear enough, If the water were still, But the water is not clear, The water is […]

The Layers

I have walked through many lives, Some of them my own, And I am not who I was, Though some […]

The Abduction

Some things I do not profess To understand, perhaps Not wanting to, including Whatever it was they did With you […]

First Love

At his incipient sun The ice of twenty winters broke, Crackling, in her eyes. Her mirroring, still mind, That held […]

The Testing-Tree

1 On my way home from school Up tribal Providence Hill Past the Academy ballpark Where I could never hope […]

Passing Through

Nobody in the widow’s household Ever celebrated anniversaries. In the secrecy of my room I would not admit I cared […]

End of Summer

An agitation of the air, A perturbation of the light Admonished me the unloved year Would turn on its hinge […]

Master And Mistress

As if I were composed of dust and air, The shape confronting me upon the stair (Athlete of shadow, lighted […]

The Portrait

My mother never forgave my father For killing himself, Especially at such an awkward time And in a public park, […]

Halley’s Comet

Miss Murphy in first grade Wrote its name in chalk Across the board and told us It was roaring down […]

The Round

Light splashed this morning On the shell-pink anemones Swaying on their tall stems; Down blue-spiked veronica Light flowed in rivulets […]

The Long Boat

When his boat snapped loose From its mooring, under The screaking of the gulls, He tried at first to wave […]

An Old Cracked Tune

My name is Solomon Levi, The desert is my home, My mother’s breast was thorny, And father I had none. […]

The Dark and the Fair

A roaring company that festive night; The beast of dialectic dragged his chains, Prowling from chair to chair is the […]

The Quarrel

The word I spoke in anger Weighs less than a parsley seed, But a road runs through it That leads […]