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Sonnet XXXII

The paynefull smith with force of feruent heat, The hardest yron soone doth mollify: That with his heauy sledge he […]

Sonnet LVII

SWeet warriour when shall I haue peace with you? High time it is, this warre now ended were: Which I […]

Sonnet VII

Fayre eyes, the myrrour of my mazed hart, What wondrous vertue is contaynd in you The which both lyfe and […]

Poem 16

AH when will this long vveary day haue end, And lende me leaue to come vnto my loue? Hovv slovvly […]

Sonnet XI

DAyly when I do seeke and sew for peace, And hostages doe offer for my truth: She cruell warriour doth […]

Poem 12

OPen the temple gates vnto my loue, Open them wide that she may enter in, And all the postes adorne […]

Sonnet VIII

MOre then most faire, full of the liuing fire, Kindled aboue vnto the maker neere: No eies buy ioyes, in […]

Sonnet XXXI

Ah why hath nature to so hard a hart, Giuen so goodly giftes of beauties grace? Whose pryde depraues each […]

Sonnet LIX

THrise happie she, that is so well assured Vnto her selfe and setled so in hart: That nether will for […]

Poem 23

And ye high heauens, the temple of the gods, In which a thousand torches flaming bright Doe burne, that to […]

Poem 17

Now ceasse ye damsels your delights forepast, Enough is it, that all the day was youres: Now day is doen, […]


VEnemous toung tipt with vile adders sting, Of that selfe kynd with which the Furies tell Theyr snaky heads doe […]

Sonnet LV

SO oft as I her beauty doe behold, And therewith doe her cruelty compare: I maruaile of what substance was […]

Poem 4

YE Nymphes of Mulla which with carefull heed, The siluer scaly trouts doe tend full well, And greedy pikes which […]

Poem 94

NAthlesse the cruell boy not so content, Would needs the fly pursue: And in his hand with heedlesse hardiment, Him […]

Poem 97

THe wanton boy was shortly wel recured, Of that his malady: But he soone after fresh againe enured, His former […]

Sonnet II

VNquiet thought, whom at the first I bred, Of th’inward bale of my loue pined hart: And sithens haue with […]


SInce I haue lackt the comfort of that light, The which was wont to lead my thoughts astray: I wander […]

Sonnet I

HAppy ye leaues when as those lilly hands, Which hold my life in their dead doing might Shall handle you […]

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