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Sonnet LXVII

Lyke as a huntsman after weary chace, Seeing the game from him escapt away: Sits downe to rest him in […]

Sonnet XL

MArk when she smiles with amiable cheare, And tell me whereto can ye lyken it: When on each eyelid sweetly […]


LYke as the Culuer on the bared bough, Sits mourning for the absence of her mate; And in her songs […]

Sonnet 75

One day I wrote her name upon the strand, But came the waves and washed it away: Agayne I wrote […]

Whilst it is prime

FRESH Spring, the herald of loves mighty king, In whose cote-armour richly are displayd All sorts of flowers, the which […]


Was it a dreame, or did I see it playne, A goodly table of pure yvory: All spred with iuncats, […]

A Ditty

In praise of Eliza, Queen of the Shepherds SEE where she sits upon the grassie greene, (O seemely sight!) Yclad […]

Sonnet LVI

FAyre ye be sure, but cruell and vnkind, As is a Tygre that with greedinesse Hunts after bloud, when he […]

Poem 6

My loue is now awake out of her dreame, And her fayre eyes like stars that dimmed were With darksome […]

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