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Sonnet III

THe souerayne beauty which I doo admyre,
Witnesse the world how worthy to be prayzed:
The light wherof hath kindled heauenly iyre,
In my fraile spirit by her from basenesse raysed.
That being now with her huge brightnesse dazed,
Base thing I can no more endure to view:
But looking still on her I stand amazed,
At wondrous sight of so celestiall hew.
So when my toung would speak her praises dew,
It stopped is with thoughts astonishment:
And when my pen would write her titles true,
It rauisht is with fancies wonderment:
Yet in my hart I then both speake and write,
The wonder that my wit cannot endite.

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Poem Sonnet III - Edmund Spenser