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Sonnet LXIX

THe famous warriors of the anticke world,
Vsed Trophees to erect in stately wize:
In which they would the records haue enrold,
Of theyr great deeds and valarous emprize.
What trophee then shall I most fit deuize,
In which I may record the memory
Of my loues conquest, peerelesse beauties prise,
Adorn’d with honour, loue, and chastity.
Euen this verse vowd to eternity,
Shall be thereof immortall moniment:
And tell her prayse to all posterity,
That may admire such worlds rare wonderment.
The happy purchase of my glorious spoile,
Gotten at last with labour and long toyle.

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Poem Sonnet LXIX - Edmund Spenser