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Sonnet LV

SO oft as I her beauty doe behold,
And therewith doe her cruelty compare:
I maruaile of what substance was the mould
The which her made attonce so cruell faire.
Not earth; for her high thoghts more heauenly are,
Not water; for her loue doth burne like fyre:
Not ayre; for she is not so light or rare,
Not fyre; for she doth friese with faint desire.
Then needs another Element inquire
Whereof she mote be made; that is the skye.
For to the heauen her haughty lookes aspire:
And eke her mind is pure immortall hye.
Then sith to heauen ye lykened are the best,
Be lyke in mercy as in all the rest:

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Poem Sonnet LV - Edmund Spenser