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Snowbound, a Winter Idyl

To the Memory of the Household It Describes This Poem is Dedicated by the Author “As the Spirit of Darkness […]

The Farewell

Of A Virginia Slave Mother To Her Daughters Sold Into Southern Bondage Gone, gone, sold and gone To the rice-swamp […]

By Their Works

Call him not heretic whose works attest His faith in goodness by no creed confessed. Whatever in love’s name is […]


So fallen! so lost! the light withdrawn Which once he wore! The glory from his gray hairs gone Forevermore! Revile […]

The Sycamores

In the outskirts of the village On the river’s winding shores Stand the Occidental plane-trees, Stand the ancient sycamores. One […]


Outbound, your bark awaits you. Were I one Whose prayer availeth much, my wish should be Your favoring trad-wind and […]

Maud Muller

Maud Muller on a summer’s day Raked the meadow sweet with hay. Beneath her torn hat glowed the wealth Of […]

The Eternal Goodness

O Friends! with whom my feet have trod The quiet aisles of prayer, Glad witness to your zeal for God […]

Barbara Frietchie

Up from the meadows rich with corn, Clear in the cool September morn, The clustered spires of Frederick stand Green-walled […]

Flowers in Winter

How strange to greet, this frosty morn, In graceful counterfeit of flower, These children of the meadows, born Of sunshine […]

Massachusetts To Virginia

The blast from Freedom’s Northern hills, upon its Southern way, Bears greeting to Virginia from Massachusetts Bay: No word of […]

Randolph Of Roanoke

O Mother Earth! upon thy lap Thy weary ones receiving, And o’er them, silent as a dream, Thy grassy mantle […]

Burning Drift-Wood

Before my drift-wood fire I sit, And see, with every waif I burn, Old dreams and fancies coloring it, And […]


My heart was heavy, for its trust had been Abused, its kindness answered with foul wrong; So, turning gloomily from […]


“Put up the sword!” The voice of Christ once more Speaks, in the pauses of the cannon’s roar, O’er fields […]

Telling the Bees

Here is the place; right over the hill Runs the path I took; You can see the gap in the […]