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Poems in English


I miss you too. Something old is broken, Nobody’s in hell. Sometimes I kiss strangers, Sometimes no one speaks. Today […]


Today, my love, Leaves are thrashing the wind Just as pedestrians are erecting again the buildings of this drab Forbidding […]

Even Because

Because it all just breaks apart, and the pieces scatter and rearrange without much fanfare or notice. Because you can’t […]

Breaking and Entering

Many setups. At least as many falls. Winter is paralyzing the country, but not here. Here, the boys are impersonating […]

It Takes a While to Disappear

The city purrs, it hums along, the morning hardly risen. A well-dressed drunk smears her finger across a doorman’s lips […]

In Every Direction

As if you actually died in that dream And woke up dead. Shadows of untangling vines Tumble toward the ceiling. […]

Man in a Window

I don’t know man trust is a precious thing A kind of humility Offer it to a snake and get […]