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I. (Bread and Music) Music I heard with you was more than music, And bread I broke with you was […]

All Lovely Things

All lovely things will have an ending, All lovely things will fade and die, And youth, that’s now so bravely […]

Turns And Movies: The Cornet

When she came out, that white little Russian dancer, With her bright hair, and her eyes, so young, so young, […]

Evening Song Of Senlin

from Senlin: A Biography It is moonlight. Alone in the silence I ascend my stairs once more, While waves, remote […]

Senlin: His Dark Origins

1 Senlin sits before us, and we see him. He smokes his pipe before us, and we hear him. Is […]

The Window

She looks out in the blue morning And sees a whole wonderful world She looks out in the morning And […]

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