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Now in a thought, now in a shadowed word, Now in a voice that thrills eternity, Ever there comes an […]

Luke Havergal

Go to the western gate, Luke Havergal, There where the vines cling crimson on the wall, And in the twilight […]

The Master

A flying word from here and there Had sown the name at which we sneered, To be reviled and then […]

Two Octaves

I Not by the grief that stuns and overwhelms All outward recognition of revealed And righteous omnipresence are the days […]


(To Mrs. Edward MacDowell) No sound of any storm that shakes Old island walls with older seas Comes here where […]

An Evangelist’s Wife

“Why am I not myself these many days, You ask? And have you nothing more to ask? I do you […]


Oh for a poet-for a beacon bright To rift this changless glimmer of dead gray; To spirit back the Muses, […]


Gawaine, aware again of Lancelot In the King’s garden, coughed and followed him; Whereat he turned and stood with folded […]

Vain Gratuities

Never was there a man much uglier In eyes of other women, or more grim: “The Lord has filled her […]

Doctor of Billiards

Of all among the fallen from on high, We count you last and leave you to regain Your born dominion […]

The World

Some are the brothers of all humankind, And own them, whatsoever their estate; And some, for sorrow and self-scorn, are […]

Dear Friends

Dear Friends, reproach me not for what I do, Nor counsel me, nor pity me; nor say That I am […]


For what we owe to other days, Before we poisoned him with praise, May we who shrank to find him […]

The Sage

Foreguarded and unfevered and serene, Back to the perilous gates of Truth he went – Back to fierce wisdom and […]

Tasker Norcross

“Whether all towns and all who live in them – So long as they be somewhere in this world That […]

New England

Here where the wind is always north-north-east And children learn to walk on frozen toes, Wonder begets an envy of […]

Aunt Imogen

Aunt Imogen was coming, and therefore The children-Jane, Sylvester, and Young George – Were eyes and ears; for there was […]

A Song at Shannon’s

Two men came out of Shannon’s, having known The faces of each other for so long As they had listened […]


Once, when I wandered in the woods alone, An old man tottered up to me and said, “Come, friend, and […]

The Rat

As often as he let himself be seen We pitied him, or scorned him, or deplored The inscrutable profusion of […]

The Garden

There is a fenceless garden overgrown With buds and blossoms and all sorts of leaves; And once, among the roses […]

Mr Flood’s Party

Old Eben Flood, climbing alone one night Over the hill between the town below And the forsaken upland hermitage That […]

Stafford’s Cabin

Once there was a cabin here, and once there was a man; And something happened here before my memory began. […]

The Wilderness

Come away! come away! there’s a frost along the marshes, And a frozen wind that skims the shoal where it […]


Because he puts the compromising chart Of hell before your eyes, you are afraid; Because he counts the price that […]

The Corridor

It may have been the pride in me for aught I know, or just a patronizing whim; But call it […]

London Bridge

“Do I hear them? Yes, I hear the children singing-and what of it? Have you come with eyes afire to […]

The Pilot

From the Past and Unavailing Out of cloudland we are steering: After groping, after fearing, Into starlight we come trailing, […]


I heard one who said: “Verily, What word have I for children here? Your Dollar is your only Word, The […]

Ballad of Dead Friends

As we the withered ferns By the roadway lying, Time, the jester, spurns All our prayers and prying All our […]

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