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Bon Voyage

Child of a line accurst And old as Troy, Bringer of best and worst In wild alloy – Light, like […]

The Wandering Jew

I saw by looking in his eyes That they remembered everything; And this was how I came to know That […]

Late Summer

(ALCAICS) Confused, he found her lavishing feminine Gold upon clay, and found her inscrutable; And yet she smiled. Why, then, […]


Christmas was in the air and all was well With him, but for a few confusing flaws In divers of […]

The Torrent

I found a torrent falling in a glen Where the sun’s light shone silvered and leaf-split; The boom, the foam, […]

Her Eyes

Up from the street and the crowds that went, Morning and midnight, to and fro, Still was the room where […]

Another Dark Lady

Think not, because I wonder where you fled, That I would lift a pin to see you there; You may, […]

Two Sonnets

I Just as I wonder at the twofold screen Of twisted innocence that you would plait For eyes that uncourageously […]


Observant of the way she told So much of what was true, No vanity could long withhold Regard that was […]

Variations of Greek Themes

I A HAPPY MAN (Carphyllides) When these graven lines you see, Traveler, do not pity me; Though I be among […]

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