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The Refugees

In the shabby train no seat is vacant. The child in the ripped mask Sprawls undisturbed in the waste Of […]


Her imaginary playmate was a grown-up In sea-coal satin. The flame-blue glances, The wings gauzy as the membrane that the […]

The House In The Woods

At the back of the houses there is the wood. While there is a leaf of summer left, the wood […]

The Orient Express

One looks from the train Almost as one looked as a child. In the sunlight What I see still seems […]

The Old And The New Masters

About suffering, about adoration, the old masters Disagree. When someone suffers, no one else eats Or walks or opens the […]


Did they send me away from my cat and my wife To a doctor who poked me and counted my […]

90 North

At home, in my flannel gown, like a bear to its floe, I clambered to bed; up the globe’s impossible […]

The Breath Of Night

The moon rises. The red cubs rolling In the ferns by the rotten oak Stare over a marsh and a […]

A Country Life

A bird that I don’t know, Hunched on his light-pole like a scarecrow, Looks sideways out into the wheat The […]

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