English poetry

Poems in English

Examination at the Womb-Door

Who owns those scrawny little feet? Death. Who owns this bristly scorched-looking face? Death. Who owns these still-working lungs? Death. […]


Against the rubber tongues of cows and the hoeing hands of men Thistles spike the summer air And crackle open […]

A Woman Unconscious

Russia and America circle each other; Threats nudge an act that were without doubt A melting of the mould in […]


Terrifying are the attent sleek thrushes on the lawn, More coiled steel than living – a poised Dark deadly eye, […]


The tractor stands frozen – an agony To think of. All night Snow packed its open entrails. Now a head-pincering […]


He loved her and she loved him His kisses sucked out her whole past and future or tried to He […]


Once upon a time there was a person He was walking along He met the full burning moon Rolling slowly […]