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Critic and Poet: an Epilogue

No man had ever heard a nightingale, When once a keen-eyed naturalist was stirred To study and define what is […]

St Michael's Chapel

When the vexed hubbub of our world of gain Roars round about me as I walk the street, The myriad […]

Life and Art

Not while the fever of the blood is strong, The heart throbs loud, the eyes are veiled, no less With […]

The Taming of the Falcon

The bird sits spelled upon the lithe brown wrist Of yonder turbaned fowler, who had lamed No feather limb, but […]

From One Augur to Another

So, Calchas, on the sacred Palatine, You thought of Mopsus, and o’er wastes of sea A flower brought your message. […]

City Visions

I As the blind Milton’s memory of light, The deaf Beethoven’s phantasy of tone, Wroght joys for them surpassing all […]


I A dream of interlinking hands, of feet Tireless to spin the unseen, fairy woof Of the entangling waltz. Bright […]


Last night I slept, and when I woke her kiss Still floated on my lips. For we had strayed Together […]


1856 Paris, from throats of iron, silver, brass, Joy-thundering cannon, blent with chiming bells, And martial strains, the full-voiced p├Žan […]

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