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Mater Dei

She looked to east, she looked to west, Her eyes, unfathomable, mild, That saw both worlds, came home to rest,­ […]

The Nurse

Such innocent companionship Is hers, whether she wake or sleep, ‘Tis scarcely strange her face should wear The young child’s […]

Old Song Re-Sung

I saw three ships a-sailing, A-sailing on the sea, The first her masts were silver, Her hull was ivory. The […]


He sleeps as a lamb sleeps, Beside his mother. Somewhere in yon blue deeps His tender brother Sleeps like a […]

Adveniat Regnum Tuum

Thy kingdom come! Yea, bid it come! But when Thy kingdom first began On earth, Thy kingdom was a home, […]

A Gardener-Sage

Here in the garden-bed, Hoeing the celery, Wonders the Lord has made Pass ever before me. I see the young […]

The Foggy Dew

A splendid place is London, with golden store, For them that have the heart and hope and youth galore; But […]

Slow Spring

O year, grow slowly. Exquisite, holy, The days go on With almonds showing the pink stars blowing And birds in […]

The End of the Day

The night darkens fast & the shadows darken, Clouds & the rain gather about mine house, Only the wood-dove moans, […]

Any Woman

I am the pillars of the house; The keystone of the arch am I. Take me away, and roof and […]


So I have sunk my roots in earth Since that my pretty boys had birth; And fear no more the […]

The Doves

The house where I was born, Where I was young and gay, Grows old amid its corn, Amid its scented […]

The Weeping Babe

She kneels by the cradle Where Jesus doth lie; Singing, Lullaby, my Baby! But why dost Thou cry? The babes […]

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