English poetry

Poems in English

Any Woman

I am the pillars of the house; The keystone of the arch am I. Take me away, and roof and […]


So I have sunk my roots in earth Since that my pretty boys had birth; And fear no more the […]

The Doves

The house where I was born, Where I was young and gay, Grows old amid its corn, Amid its scented […]

The Weeping Babe

She kneels by the cradle Where Jesus doth lie; Singing, Lullaby, my Baby! But why dost Thou cry? The babes […]


Where are ye now, O beautiful girls of the mountain, Oreads all? Nothing at all stirs here save the drip […]


Bring flowers to strew His way, Yea, sing, make holiday; Bid young lambs leap, And earth laugh after sleep. For […]

St. Francis and the Birds

Little sisters, the birds: We must praise God, you and I­ You, with songs that fill the sky, I, with […]

Sheep and Lambs

All in the April evening, April airs were abroad; The sheep with their little lambs Passed me by on the […]

Of St. Francis and the Ass

Our father, ere he went Out with his brother, Death, Smiling and well-content As a bridegroom goeth, Sweetly forgiveness prayed […]

The Only Child

Lest he miss other children, lo! His angel is his playfellow. A riotous angel two years old, With wings of […]

The Children of Lir

Out upon the sand-dunes thrive the coarse long grasses; Herons standing knee-deep in the brackish pool; Overhead the sunset fire […]


God bless the little orchard brown Where the sap stirs these quickening days. Soon in a white and rosy gown […]

The Bird’s Bargain

‘O spare my cherries in the net,’ Brother Benignus prayed; ‘and I Summer and winter, shine and wet, Will pile […]