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I watched them once, at dusk, on television, run, In our motel room half-way through Nebraska, quick, glittering, past beauty, […]

The Way Things Work

is by admitting Or opening away. This is the simplest form Of current: Blue Moving through blue; Blue through purple; […]

Underneath (9)

Spring Up, up you go, you must be introduced. You must learn belonging to (no-one) Drenched in the white veil […]

Le Manteau De Pascal

I have put on my great coat it is cold. It is an outer garment. Coarse, woolen. Of unknown origin. […]

The Surface

It has a hole in it. Not only where I concentrate. The river still ribboning, twisting up, into its re- […]

To A Friend Going Blind

Today, because I couldn’t find the shortcut through, I had to walk this town’s entire inner Perimeter to find Where […]

San Sepolcro

In this blue light I can take you there, Snow having made me a world of bone Seen through to. […]