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What News

Here, ever since you went abroad, If there be change, no change I see, I only walk our wonted road, […]

To Age

Welcome, old friend! These many years Have we lived door by door; The fates have laid aside their shears Perhaps […]


MILD is the parting year, and sweet The odour of the falling spray; Life passes on more rudely fleet, And […]

Acon and Rhodope

The Year’s twelve daughters had in turn gone by, Of measured pace tho’ varying mien all twelve, Some froward, some […]

God Scatters Beauty

God scatters beauty as he scatters flowers O’er the wide earth, and tells us all are ours. A hundred lights […]


From you, Ianthe, little troubles pass Like little ripples down a sunny river; Your pleasures spring like daisies in the […]

Who Ever Felt as I?

Mother, I cannot mind my wheel; My fingers ache, my lips are dry: Oh! if you felt the pain I […]

F–∂sulan Idyl

Here, where precipitate Spring with one light bound Into hot Summer’s lusty arms expires; And where go forth at morn, […]

To Robert Browning

There is delight in singing, though none hear Beside the singer; and there is delight In praising, though the praiser […]

The Evening Star

Smiles soon abate; the boisterous throes Of anger long burst forth; Inconstantly the south-wind blows, But steadily the north. Thy […]

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