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Of Clementina

In Clementina’s artless mien Lucilla asks me what I see, And are the roses of sixteen Enough for me? Lucilla […]

On An Eclipse Of The Moon

Struggling, and faint, and fainter didst thou wane, O Moon! and round thee all thy starry train Came forth to […]

Rose Aylmer

Ah, what avails the sceptred race! Ah, what the form divine! What every virtue, every grace! Rose Aylmer, all were […]


WHY, why repine, my pensive friend, At pleasures slipp’d away? Some the stern Fates will never lend, And all refuse […]

Corinna, from Athens, to Tanagra

Tanagra! think not I forget Thy beautifully-storey’d streets; Be sure my memory bathes yet In clear Thermodon, and yet greets […]

Alciphron and Leucippe

An ancient chestnut’s blossoms threw Their heavy odour over two: Leucippe, it is said, was one; The other, then, was […]

Child of a Day

Child of a day, thou knowest not The tears that overflow thy urn, The gushing eyes that read thy lot, […]

The Maid’s Lament

I loved him not; and yet, now he is gone, I feel I am alone. I check’d him while he […]


Years, many parti-colour’d years, Some have crept on, and some have flown Since first before me fell those tears I […]

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