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Intricate and untraceable Weaving and interweaving, Dark strand with light: Designed, beyond All spiderly contrivance, To link, not to entrap: […]

To the Snake

Green Snake, when I hung you round my neck And stroked your cold, pulsing throat As you hissed to me, […]

The Great Black Heron

Since I stroll in the woods more often Than on this frequented path, it’s usually Trees I observe; but among […]

An Embroidery

Rose Red’s hair is brown as fur And shines in firelight as she prepares Supper of honey and apples, curds […]

The Thread

Something is very gently, Invisibly, silently, Pulling at me-a thread Or net of threads Finer than cobweb and as Elastic. […]

Looking, Walking, Being

“The World is not something to Look at, it is something to be in.” Mark Rudman I look and look. […]

Triple Feature

Innocent decision: to enjoy. And the pathos Of hopefulness, of his solicitude: he in mended serape, She having plaited carefully […]

The Breathing

An absolute Patience. Trees stand Up to their knees in Fog. The fog Slowly flows Uphill. White Cobwebs, the grass […]

What Were They Like?

Did the people of Viet Nam Use lanterns of stone? Did they hold ceremonies To reverence the opening of buds? […]

St. Peter and the Angel

Delivered out of raw continual pain, Smell of darkness, groans of those others To whom he was chained Unchained, and […]

The M├ętier of Blossoming

Fully occupied with growing that’s The amaryllis. Growing especially At night: it would take Only a bit more patience than […]

The Garden Wall

Bricks of the wall, So much older than the house – Taken I think from a farm pulled down When […]


The fire in leaf and grass So green it seems Each summer the last summer. The wind blowing, the leaves […]

The Dog of Art

That dog with daisies for eyes Who flashes forth Flame of his very self at every bark Is the Dog […]


I was welcomed here-clear gold Of late summer, of opening autumn, The dawn eagle sunning himself on the highest tree, […]

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