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Losing Track

Long after you have swung back Away from me I think you are still with me: You come in close […]


When I found the door I found the vine leaves Speaking among themselves in abundant Whispers. My presence made them […]

Talking to Grief

Ah, Grief, I should not treat you Like a homeless dog Who comes to the back door For a crust, […]

Everything That Acts Is Actual

From the tawny light From the rainy nights From the imagination finding Itself and more than itself Alone and more […]

Adam’s Complaint

Some people, No matter what you give them, Still want the moon. The bread, The salt, White meat and dark, […]

People at Night

A night that cuts between you and you And you and you and you And me : jostles us apart, […]


The tree of knowledge was the tree of reason. That’s why the taste of it Drove us from Eden. That […]

Wanting The Moon

Not the moon. A flower On the other side of the water. The water sweeps past in flood, Dragging a […]

In Mind

There’s in my mind a woman Of innocence, unadorned but Fair-featured and smelling of Apples or grass. She wears A […]


I like to find What’s not found At once, but lies Within something of another nature, In repose, distinct. Gull […]

Seeing For A Moment

I thought I was growing wings- It was a cocoon. I thought, now is the time to step Into the […]

The Elves

Elves are no smaller Than men, and walk As men do, in this world, But with more grace than most, […]

The Ache Of Marriage

The ache of marriage: Thigh and tongue, beloved, Are heavy with it, It throbs in the teeth We look for […]

The Rainwalkers

An old man whose black face Shines golden-brown as wet pebbles Under the streetlamp, is walking two mongrel dogs of […]

The Well

At sixteen I believed the moonlight Could change me if it would. I moved my head On the pillow, even […]


After I had cut off my hands And grown new ones Something my former hands had longed for Came and […]

The Secret

Two girls discover The secret of life In a sudden line of Poetry. I who don’t know the Secret wrote […]

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