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The Garden Wall

Bricks of the wall,
So much older than the house –
Taken I think from a farm pulled down
When the street was built –
Narrow bricks of another century.

Modestly, though laid with panels and parapets,
A wall behind the flowers –
Roses and hollyhocks, the silver
Pods of lupine, sweet-tasting
Phlox, gray
Lavender –
Unnoticed –
But I discovered
The colors in the wall that woke
When spray from the hose
Played on its pocks and warts –

A hazy red, a
Grain gold, a mauve
Of small shadows, sprung
From the quiet dry brown –
Of the world always a step
Beyond the world, that can’t
Be looked for, only
As the eye wanders,

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Poem The Garden Wall - Denise Levertov