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The Hunters in the Snow

1962 The over-all picture is winter Icy mountains In the background the return From the hunt it is toward evening […]

To A Friend

Well, Lizzie Anderson! seventeen men-and The baby hard to find a father for! What will the good Father in Heaven […]

The Desolate Field

Vast and grey, the sky Is a simulacrum To all but him whose days Are vast and grey and- In […]

Light Hearted Author

The birches are mad with green points The wood’s edge is burning with their green, Burning, seething-No, no, no. The […]

Poem (As the cat)

As the cat Climbed over The top of The jamcloset First the right Forefoot Carefully Then the hind Stepped down […]

The Ivy Crown

The whole process is a lie, unless, crowned by excess, It break forcefully, one way or another, from its confinement- […]

Spring And All

By the road to the contagious hospital Under the surge of the blue Mottled clouds driven from the Northeast-a cold […]

Romance Moderne

Tracks of rain and light linger in The spongy greens of a nature whose Flickering mountain-bulging nearer, Ebbing back into […]


I will teach you my townspeople How to perform a funeral For you have it over a troop Of artists- […]

The Dance

In Breughel’s great picture, The Kermess, The dancers go round, they go round and Around, the squeal and the blare […]


Flowers through the window Lavender and yellow Changed by white curtains- Smell of cleanliness- Sunshine of late afternoon- On the […]

A Celebration

A middle-northern March, now as always – Gusts from the South broken against cold winds – But from under, as […]

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