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I will teach you my townspeople How to perform a funeral For you have it over a troop Of artists- […]

The Dance

In Breughel’s great picture, The Kermess, The dancers go round, they go round and Around, the squeal and the blare […]


Flowers through the window Lavender and yellow Changed by white curtains- Smell of cleanliness- Sunshine of late afternoon- On the […]

A Celebration

A middle-northern March, now as always – Gusts from the South broken against cold winds – But from under, as […]

Willow Poem

It is a willow when summer is over, A willow by the river From which no leaf has fallen nor […]

Complete Destruction

It was an icy day. We buried the cat, Then took her box And set fire to it In the […]

Light Hearted William

Light hearted William twirled His November moustaches And, half dressed, looked From the bedroom window Upon the spring weather. Heigh-ya! […]


Brother Paul! look! -but he rushes to a different Window. The moon! I heard shrieks and thought: What’s that? That’s […]


Snow falls: Years of anger following Hours that float idly down- The blizzard Drifts its weight Deeper and deeper for […]

The Uses Of Poetry

I’ve fond anticipation of a day O’erfilled with pure diversion presently, For I must read a lady poesy The while […]

The Young Housewife

At ten AM the young housewife Moves about in negligee behind The wooden walls of her husband’s house. I pass […]

To Elsie

The pure products of America Go crazy- Mountain folk from Kentucky Or the ribbed north end of Jersey With its […]

The Crowd At The Ball Game

The crowd at the ball game Is moved uniformly By a spirit of uselessness Which delights them – All the […]

The Disputants

Upon the table in their bowl In violent disarray Of yellow sprays, green spikes Of leaves, red pointed petals And […]

The Thing

Each time it rings I think it is for Me but it is Not for me nor for Anyone it […]

April Is The Saddest Month

There they were Stuck Dog and bitch Halving the compass Then when with his yip They parted Oh how frolicsome […]

Winter Trees

All the complicated details Of the attiring and The disattiring are completed! A liquid moon Moves gently among The long […]

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