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Paradise Lost: Book 07

Descend from Heaven, Urania, by that name If rightly thou art called, whose voice divine Following, above the Olympian hill […]

Psalm 02

Done Aug. 8. 1653. Terzetti. Why do the Gentiles tumult, and the Nations Muse a vain thing, the Kings of […]

Samson Agonistes

Of that sort of Dramatic Poem which is call’d Tragedy. TRAGEDY, as it was antiently compos’d, hath been ever held […]

Sonnet 01

I O Nightingale, that on yon bloomy Spray Warbl’st at eeve, when all the Woods are still, Thou with fresh […]

To My Lord Fairfax

Fairfax, whose Name in Arms through Europe rings, And fills all Mouths with Envy or with Praise, And all her […]

To Mr. Lawrence

Lawrence, of virtuous father virtuous son, Now that the fields are dank, and ways are mire, Where shall we sometimes […]

How Soon Hath Time

How soon hath Time, the subtle thief of youth, Stoln on his wing my three and twentieth year! My hasting […]

From ‘Arcades’

O’RE the smooth enameld green Where no print of step hath been, Follow me as I sing, And touch the […]


In this Monody the author bewails a learned Friend, unfortunately Drowned in his passage from Chester on the Irish Seas, […]

Sonnet 20

XX Lawrence, of virtuous father virtuous son, Now that the fields are dank, and ways are mire, Where shall we […]

To Sr Henry Vane The Younger

Vane, young in yeares, but in sage counsell old, Then whome a better Senatour nere held The helme of Rome, […]

At A Solemn Musick

Blest pair of Sirens, pledges of Heav’ns joy, Sphear-born harmonious Sisters, Voice, and Vers, Wed your divine sounds, and mixt […]

Paradise Lost: Book 09

No more of talk where God or Angel guest With Man, as with his friend, familiar us’d, To sit indulgent, […]

Sonnet 02

II Donna leggiadra il cui bel nome honora L’herbosa val di Rheno, e il nobil varco, Ben e colui d’ogni […]


Part of an entertainment presented to the Countess Dowager of Darby at Harefield, by som Noble persons of her Family, […]

On Time

Fly envious Time, till thou run out thy race, Call on the lazy leaden-stepping hours, Whose speed is but the […]

Sonnet 16

XVI When I consider how my light is spent, E’re half my days, in this dark world and wide, And […]

Psalm 80

Thou Shepherd that dost Israel keep Give ear in time of need, Who leadest like a flock of sheep Thy […]

Paradise Lost: Book 11

Undoubtedly he will relent, and turn From his displeasure; in whose look serene, When angry most he seemed and most […]

Sonnet 22

XXII Cyriac, this three years’ day these eyes, though clear, To outward view, of blemish or of spot, Bereft of […]

Sonnet 10

X Daughter to that good Earl, once President Of Englands Counsel, and her Treasury, Who liv’d in both, unstain’d with […]

Paradise Lost: Book 08

The Angel ended, and in Adam’s ear So charming left his voice, that he a while Thought him still speaking, […]

Paradise Lost: Book 03

Hail, holy Light, offspring of Heaven firstborn, Or of the Eternal coeternal beam May I express thee unblam’d? since God […]

Psalm 84

How lovely are thy dwellings fair! O Lord of Hoasts, how dear The pleasant Tabernacles are! Where thou do’st dwell […]

Sonnet 11

XI A Book was writ of late call’d Tetrachordon; And wov’n close, both matter, form and stile; The Subject new: […]

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