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The Hymn

I It was the Winter wilde, While the Heav’n-born-childe, All meanly wrapt in the rude manger lies; Nature in aw […]

To a Virtuous Young Lady

Lady! that in the prime of earliest youth Wisely hast shunned the broad way and the green, And with those […]

Sonnet 07

VII How soon hath Time the suttle theef of youth, Stoln on his wing my three and twentith yeer! My […]

To The Nightingale

O Nightingale! that on yon bloomy spray Warblest at eve, when all the woods are still, Thou with fresh hope […]

Upon The Circumcision

Ye flaming Powers, and winged Warriours bright, That erst with Musick, and triumphant song First heard by happy watchful Shepherds […]

Psalm 07

Aug. 14. 1653. Upon The Words Of Chush The Benjamite Against Him. Lord my God to thee I flie Save […]

On His Deceased Wife

METHOUGHT I saw my late espoused Saint Brought to me like Alcestis from the grave, Whom Joves great Son to […]

On the Same

I did but prompt the age to quit their clogs By the known rules of ancient liberty, When straight a […]

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