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Poems in English


Everyday, I think about dying. About disease, starvation, Violence, terrorism, war, The end of the world. It helps Keep my […]

The Lesson

Chaos ruled OK in the classroom As bravely the teacher walked in The nooligans ignored him Hid voice was lost […]

Goodbat Nightman

God bless all policemen And fighters of crime, May thieves go to jail For a very long time. They’ve had […]

The Identification

So you think its Stephen? Then I’d best make sure Be on the safe side as it were. Ah, theres […]

The Leader

I wanna be the leader I wanna be the leader Can I be the leader? Can I? I can? Promise? […]

The Trouble with Snowmen

‘The trouble with snowmen,’ Said my father one year ‘They are no sooner made Than they just disappear. I’ll build […]

First Day at School

A millionbillionwillion miles from home Waiting for the bell to go. (To go where?) Why are they all so big, […]

Let Me Die a Youngman's Death

Let me die a youngman’s death Not a clean and inbetween The sheets holywater death Not a famous-last-words Peaceful out […]

You and I

I explain quietly. You Hear me shouting. You Try a new tack. I Feel old wounds reopen. You see both […]