English poetry

Poems in English

The Woman in the Ordinary

The woman in the ordinary pudgy downcast girl Is crouching with eyes and muscles clenched. Round and pebble smooth she […]

Implications of One Plus One

Sometimes we collide, tectonic plates merging, Continents shoving, crumpling down into the molten Veins of fire deep in the earth […]

Winter Promises

Tomatoes rosy as perfect baby’s buttocks, Eggplants glossy as waxed fenders, Purple neon flawless glistening Peppers, pole beans fecund and […]

A Work Of Artifice

The bonsai tree In the attractive pot Could have grown eighty feet tall On the side of a mountain Till […]

Attack of the Squash People

And thus the people every year In the valley of humid July Did sacrifice themselves To the long green phallic […]

Traveling Dream

I am packing to go to the airport But somehow I am never packed. I keep remembering more things I […]

Toad Dreams

That afternoon the dream of the toads Rang through the elms by Little River And affected the thoughts of men, […]

To Be of Use

The people I love the best Jump into work head first Without dallying in the shallows And swim off with […]