Traveling Dream

I am packing to go to the airport
But somehow I am never packed.
I keep remembering more things
I keep forgetting.

Secretly the clock is bolting
Forward ten minutes at a click
Instead of one. Each time
I look away, it jumps.

Now I remember I have to find
The cats. I have four cats
Even when I am asleep.
One is on the bed and I slip

Her into the suitcase.
One is under the sofa. I
Drag him out. But the tabby
In the suitcase has vanished.

Now my tickets have run away.
Maybe the cat has my tickets.
I can only find one cat.
My purse has gone into hiding.

Now it is time to get packed.
I take the suitcase down.
There is a cat in it but no clothes.
My tickets are floating in the bath

Tub full of water. I dry them.
One cat is in my purse
But my wallet has dissolved.
The tickets are still dripping.

I look at the clock as it leaps
Forward and see I have missed
My plane. My bed is gone now.
There is one cat the size of a sofa.

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Traveling Dream