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Dream Song 2: Big Buttons, Cornets: the advance

The jane is zoned! no nightspot here, no bar
There, no sweet freeway, and no premises
For business purposes,
No loiterers or needers. Henry are
Baffled. Have ev’ybody head for Maine,
Utility-man take a train?

Arrive a time when all coons lose dere grip,
But is he come? Le’s do a hoedown, gal,
One blue, one shuffle,
If them is all you seem to réquire. Strip,
Ol benger, skip us we, sugar; so hang on
One chaste evenin.

€”Sir Bones, or Galahad: astonishin
Yo legal & yo good. Is you feel well?
Honey dusk do sprawl.
€”Hit’s hard. Kinged or thinged, though, fling & wing.
Poll-cats are coming, hurrah, hurray.
I votes in my hole.

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Poem Dream Song 2: Big Buttons, Cornets: the advance - John Berryman