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Dream Song 23: The Lay of Ike

This is the lay of Ike. Here’s to the glory of the Grewt WhiteГўв‚”awkГўв‚” Who has been runningГўв‚”erГўв‚”erГўв‚”things in recentГўв‚”echГўв‚” […]

The Curse

Cedars and the westward sun. The darkening sky. A man alone Watches beside the fallen wall The evening multitudes of […]

Sonnet 96

It will seem strange, no more this range on range Of opening hopes and happenings. Strange to be One’s name […]

Dream Song 91: Op. posth. no. 14

Noises from underground made gibber some Others collected & dug henry up Saying ‘You are a sight.’ Chilly, he muttered […]

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