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Dream Song 23: The Lay of Ike

This is the lay of Ike.
Here’s to the glory of the Grewt WhiteГўв‚”awkГўв‚”
Who has been runningГўв‚”erГўв‚”erГўв‚”things in recentГўв‚”echГўв‚”
In the UnitedГўв‚”If your screen is black,
Ladies & gentlemen, weГўв‚”I likeГўв‚”
At the Point he was already terrificГўв‚”sick

To a second term, having done no wrongГўв‚”
No rightГўв‚”no  – rightГўв‚”having let the ArmyГўв‚”bangГўв‚”
Defend itself from Joe, let venom’ Strauss
Bile Oppenheimer out of useГўв‚”use Robb,
Who’ll later fend for GoldfineГўв‚”Breaking no laws,
He lay in the White HouseГўв‚”sob!!Гўв‚”

Who never understood his own strategyГўв‚”wheeГўв‚”
So Monty’s memoirsГўв‚”nor any strategy,
Wanting the ball bulled thro’ all parts of the line
At onceГўв‚”proving, by his refusal to take Berlin,
He misread even ClauswitzГўв‚”wide empty grin
That never lost a vote (O Adlai mine).

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Poem Dream Song 23: The Lay of Ike - John Berryman