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Dream Song 132: A Small Dream

A Small Dream

It was only a small dream of the Golden World,
Now you trot off to bed. I’ll turn the machine off,
You’ve danced & trickt us enough.
Unintelligible whines & imprecations, hurled
From the second floor, fail to impress your mother
And I am the only other

And I say go to bed! We’ll meet tomorrow,
Acres of threats dissolve into a smile,
You’ll be the Little Baby
Again, while I pursue my path of sorrow
& bodies, bodies, to be carried a mile
& dropt. Maybe

If frozen slush will represent the soul
Which is to represented in the hereafter
I ask for a decree
Dooming my bitter enemies to laughter
Advanced against them. If the dream was small
It was my dream also, Henry’s.

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Poem Dream Song 132: A Small Dream - John Berryman