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Dream Song 75: Turning it over, considering

Turning it over, considering, like a madman
Henry put forth a book.
No harm resulted from this.
Neither the menstruating stars (nor man) was moved
At once.
Bare dogs drew closer for a second look

And performed their friendly operations there.
Refreshed, the bark rejoiced.
Seasons went and came.
Leaves fell, but only a few.
Something remarkable about this
Unshedding bulky bole-proud blue-green moist

Thing made by savage & thoughtful
Surviving Henry
Began to strike the passers from despair
So that sore on their shoulders old men hoisted
Six-foot sons and polished women called
Small girls to dream awhile toward the flashing & bursting

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Poem Dream Song 75: Turning it over, considering - John Berryman