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Dream Song 19: Here, whence

Here, whence
All have departed orwill do, here airless, where
That witchy ball
Wanted, fought toward, dreamed of, all a green living
Drops limply into one’s hands
Without pleasure or interest

Figurez-vous, a time swarms when the word
‘happy’ sheds its whole meaning, like to come and
Like for memory too
That morning arrived to Henry as well a great cheque
Eaten out already by the Government & State &
Other strange matters

Gentle friendly Henry Pussy-cat
Smiled into his mirror, a murderer’s
(at Stillwater), at himself alone
And said across a plink to that desolate fellow
Said a little hail & buck-you-up
Upon his triumph

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Poem Dream Song 19: Here, whence - John Berryman