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Dream Song 52: Silent Song

Bright-eyed & bushy tailed woke not Henry up.
Bright though upon his workshop shone a vise
Central, moved in
While he was doing time down hospital
And growing wise.
He gave it the worst look he had left.

Alone. They all abandoned Henry—wonder! all,
When most he—under the sun.
That was all right.
He can’t work well with it here, or think.
A bilocation, yellow like catastrophe.
The name of this was freedom.

Will Henry again ever be on the lookout for women & milk,
Honour & love again,
Have a buck or three?
He felt like shrieking but he shuddered as
(spring mist, warm, rain) an handful with quietness
Vanisht & the thing took hold.

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Poem Dream Song 52: Silent Song - John Berryman