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Dream Song 15: Let us suppose, valleys & such ago

Let us suppose, valleys & such ago,
One pal unwinding from his labours in
One bar of Chicago
And this did actually happen. This was so.
And many graces are slipped, & many a sin
Even that laid man low

But this will be remembered & told over,
That she was heard at last, haughtful & greasy,
To brawl in that low bar:
‘You can biff me, you can bang me, get it you’ll never.
I may be only a Polack broad but I don’t lay easy.
Kiss my ass, that’s what you are.’

Women is better, braver. In a foehn of loss
Entire, which too they hotter understand,
Having had it,
We struggle. Some hang heavy on the sauce,
Some invest in the past, one hides in the land.
Henry was not his favourite.

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Poem Dream Song 15: Let us suppose, valleys & such ago - John Berryman