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Dream Song 12: Sabbath

There is an eye, there was a slit.
Nights walk, and confer on him fear.
The strangler tree, the dancing mouse
Confound his vision; then they loosen it.
Henry widens. How did Henry House
Himself ever come here?

Nights run. Tes yeux bizarres me suivent
When loth at landfall soft I leave.
The soldiers, Coleridge Rilke Poe,
Shout commands I never heard.
They march about, dying & absurd.
Toddlers are taking over. O

Ver! Sabbath belling. Snoods converge
On a weary-daring man.
What now can be cleard up? from the Yard the visitors urge.
Belle thro’ the graves in a blast of sun
To the kirk moves the youngest witch.

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Poem Dream Song 12: Sabbath - John Berryman