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Dream Song 113: or Amy Vladeck or Riva Freifeld

or Amy Vladeck or Riva Freifeld

That isna Henry limping. That’s a hobble
Clapped on mere Henry by the most high GOD
For the freedom of Henry’s soul.
€”The body’s foul, cried god, once, twice, & bound it—
For many years I hid it from him successfully—
I’m not clear how he found it

But now he has it—much good may it do him
In the vacant spiritual of space—
Only Russians & Americans
To as it were converse with—weel, one Frenchman
To liven up the airless with one nose
& opinions clever & grim.

God declared war on Valerie Trueblood,
Against Miss Kaplan he had much to say
O much to say too.
My memory of his kindness comes like a flood
For which I flush with gratitude; yet away
He shouldna have put down Miss Trueblood.

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Poem Dream Song 113: or Amy Vladeck or Riva Freifeld - John Berryman