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Dream Song 109: She mentioned 'worthless' & he took it in

She mentioned ‘worthless’ & he took it in,
Degraded Henry, at the ebb of love—
O at the end of love—
In undershorts, with visitors, whereof
We can say their childlessness is ending. Love
Finally took over,

After their two adopted: she has a month to go
And Henry has (perhaps) many months to go
Until another Spring
Wakens another Henry, with far to go;
Far to go, pal.
My pussy-willow ceased. The tiger-lily dreamed.

All we dream, uncertain, in Syracuse & here
& there: dread we our loves, whereas the National Geographic
Is on its way somewhere.
We’re not. We’re on our way to the little fair
And the cops & the flicks & the single flick
Who’ll solve our intolerable problem.

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Poem Dream Song 109: She mentioned 'worthless' & he took it in - John Berryman