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Dream Song 80: Op. posth. no. 3

It’s buried at a distance, on my insistence, buried.
Weather’s severe there, which it will not mind.
I miss it.
O happies before & during & between the times it got married.
I hate the love of leaving it behind,
Deteriorating & hopeless that.

The great Uh climbed above me, far above me,
Doing the north face, or behind it. Does He love me?
Over, & flout.
Goodness is bits of outer God. The house-guest
(slimmed-down) with one eye open & one breast

Slimmed-down from by-blow; adoptive-up; was white.
A daughter of a friend. His soul is a sight.
€”Mr Bones, what’s all about?
Girl have a little: what be wrong with that?
Yóu free? —Down some many did descend
From the abominable & semi-mortal Cat.

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Poem Dream Song 80: Op. posth. no. 3 - John Berryman