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Dream Song 82: Op. posth. no. 5

Maskt as honours, insult like behaving
Missiles homes. I bow, & grunt ‘Thank you.
I’m glad you could come
So late.’ All loves are gratified. I’m having
To screw a little thing I have to screw.
Good nature is over.

Herewith ill-wishes. From a cozy grave
Rainbow I scornful laughings. Do not do,
Father, me down.
Let’s shuck an obligation. O I have
Done. Is the inner-coffin burning blue
Or did Jehovah frown?

Jehovah. Period. Yahweh. Period. God.
It is marvellous that views so differay
(Father is a Jesuit)
Can love so well each other. We was had.
O visit in my last tomb me
€”Is a nice pit.

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Poem Dream Song 82: Op. posth. no. 5 - John Berryman