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Dream Song 87: Op. posth. no. 10

these hearings endlessly, friends, word is had
Henry may be returning to our life
Adult & difficult.
There exist rumors that remote and sad
And quite beyond the knowledge of his wife
To the foothills of the cult

Will come in silence this distinguished one
Essaying once again the lower slopes
In triumph, keeping up our hopes,
And heading not for the highest we have done
But enigmatic faces, unsurveyed,
Calm as a forest glade

For him. I only speak of what I hear
And I have said too much. He may be there
Or he may groan in hospital
Resuming, as the fates decree, our lot.
I would not interrupt him in whatever, in what
He’s bracing him to at all.

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Poem Dream Song 87: Op. posth. no. 10 - John Berryman