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Dream Song 90: Op. posth. no. 13

In the night-reaches dreamed he of better graces,
Of liberations, and beloved faces,
Such as now ere dawn he sings.
It would not be easy, accustomed to these things,
To give up the old world, but he could try;
Let it all rest, have a good cry.

Let Randall rest, whom your self-torturing
Cannot restore one instant’s good to, rest:
He’s left us now.
The panic died and in the panic’s dying
So did my old friend. I am headed west
Also, also, somehow.

In the chambers of the end we’ll meet again
I will say Randall, he’ll say Pussycat
And all will be as before
Whenas we sought, among the beloved faces,
Eminence and were dissatisfied with that
And needed more.

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Poem Dream Song 90: Op. posth. no. 13 - John Berryman