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Dream Song 3: A Stimulant for an Old Beast

Acacia, burnt myrrh, velvet, pricky stings.
€”I’m not so young but not so very old,
Said screwed-up lovely 23.
A final sense of being right out in the cold,
(—My psychiatrist can lick your psychiatrist.) Women get under

All these old criminals sooner or later
Have had it. I’ve been reading old journals.
Gottwald & Co., out of business now.
Thick chests quit. Double agent, Joe.
She holds her breath like a seal
And is whiter & smoother.

Rilke was a jerk.
I admit his griefs & music
& titled spelled all-disappointed ladies.
A threshold worse than the circles
Where the vile settle & lurk,
Rilke’s. As I said, —

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Poem Dream Song 3: A Stimulant for an Old Beast - John Berryman