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Sonnet 117 – All we were going strong

All we were going strong last night this time,
The mots were flying & the frozen daiquiris
Were downing, supine on the floor lay Lise
Listening to Schubert grievous & sublime,
My head was frantic with a following rime:
It was a good evening, an evening to please,
I kissed her in the kitchen-ecstasies-
Among so much good we tamped down the crime.

The weather’s changing. This morning was cold,
As I made for the grove, without expectation,
Some hundred Sonnets in my pocket, old,
To read her if she came. Presently the sun
Yellowed the pines & my lady came not
In blue jeans & a sweater. I sat down & wrote.

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Poem Sonnet 117 – All we were going strong - John Berryman