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Dream Song 24: Oh servant Henry lectured till

Oh servant Henry lectured till
The crows commenced and then
He bulbed his voice & lectured on some more.
This happened again & again, like war, —
The Indian p. a.’s, such as they were,
A weapon on his side, for the birds.

Vexations held a field-monsoon.
He was Introduced, and then he was Summed-up.
He was put questions on race bigotry;
He put no questions on race bigotry
The mad sun rose though on the ghats
& the saddhu in maha mudra, the great River,

And Henry was happy & beside him with excitement.
Beside himself, his possibilities;
Salaaming hours of half-blind morning
While the rainy lepers salaamed back,
Smiles & a passion of their & his eyes flew
In feelings not ever accorded solely to oneself.

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Poem Dream Song 24: Oh servant Henry lectured till - John Berryman