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Hamlet Off-Stage: The Magnolia Closet

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditations
Of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight.”
Whoever “Thy” is, that’s the prayer to breathe,
Words that chimed in my head while I stood under
The first magnolia blossom of the year,
Gift of God? Elvis? Allah? or Liberace?
Who provides the rococo razzledazzle?
What’s meditation, brain masturbation
The mind when it’s both candle and the moth
Buzzing around it, bumping into Nothing?
Even cows meditate. Cats contemplate.
Cows do nirvana, cats do amnesia.
I do nirvana when I’ve amnesia.
And do it best under the magnolia,
It cold white blossom my stoic candle,
Chew cud and and swish my invisible tail.

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Poem Hamlet Off-Stage: The Magnolia Closet - D C Berry