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Poems in English

Hamlet Off-Stage: Snail Peels Off

For quick mental hygiene, the snail’s my white Mobile clinic, Dr. Hoodoo inside. Seriously. The snail’s my man. He’s shy, […]

Hamlet Off-Stage: Laertes Cool

Laertes has groupies, proof he has taste, Has cool. Wears skate-board clothes: elephant pants, The crotch snagging his knees, tent-size […]

Hamlet Off-Stage: She Wheel

Ophelia puked hourly dawn till dusk, Retching mucous slobber, then spewing air. Scum that I am, I never stopped thinking […]

Hamlet Off-Stage: Mona Gator

Our mascot lives low, a baby alligator. She’s our happy-and-sad mask all at once, Mona Lisa her name. She’s my […]