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The Lay of a Golden Goose

Long ago in a poultry yard One dull November morn, Beneath a motherly soft wing A little goose was born. […]

The Rock and The Bubble

Oh! a bare, brown rock Stood up in the sea, The waves at its feet Dancing merrily. A little bubble […]


Now the day is done, Now the shepherd sun Drives his white flocks from the sky; Now the flowers rest […]

Lily-Bell and Thistledown Song I

Awake! Awake! for the earliest gleam Of golden sunlight shines On the rippling waves, that brightly flow Beneath the flowering […]


Mysterious death! who in a single hour Life’s gold can so refine And by thy art divine Change mortal weakness […]

The Frost-King – Song II

Brighter shone the golden shadows; On the cool wind softly came The low, sweet tones of happy flowers, Singing little […]

My Kingdom

A little kingdom I possess Where thoughts and feelings dwell, And very hard I find the task Of governing it […]

Thoreau's Flute

We sighing said, “Our Pan is dead; His pipe hangs mute beside the river Around it wistful sunbeams quiver, But […]

Fairy Song

The moonlight fades from flower and rose And the stars dim one by one; The tale is told, the song […]

The Frost-King – Song 1

We are sending you, dear flowers Forth alone to die, Where your gentle sisters may not weep O’er the cold […]

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