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Canute the Great

I’ll tell of Canute, King of England, A native of Denmark was he, His hobbies was roving and raiding And […]

Sam’s Christmas Pudding

It was Christmas Day in the trenches In Spain in Penninsular War, And Sam Small were cleaning his musket A […]

Richard Coeur de Lion

Richard the First, Coeur-de-Lion, Is a name that we speak of with pride, Though he only lived six months in […]

Three Ha’Pence a Foot

I’ll tell you an old-fashioned story That Grandfather used to relate, Of a joiner and building contractor; ‘Is name, it […]

The Recumbent Posture

The day after Christmas, young Albert Were what’s called, confined to his bed, With a tight kind of pain in […]


I’ll tell you the story of Balbus, You know, him as builded a wall; I’ll tell you the reason he […]

Albert and His Savings

One day, little Albert Ramsbottom To see ‘ow much money ‘e’d got Stuck a knife in ‘is money-box slot ‘ole […]

William Rufus

The reign of King William the Second Were an uninteresting affair There’s only two things that’s remembered of him That’s […]

The Burghers of Calais

It were after the Battle of Crecy – The foe all lay dead on the ground – And King Edward […]

Albert and the ‘Eadsman

On young Albert Ramsbottom’s birthday His parents asked what he’d like most; He said to see t’ Tower of London […]

Albert Down Under

Albert were what you’d call “thwarted”. He had long had an ambition, which… Were to save up and go to […]

Gunner Joe

I’ll tell you a seafaring story, Of a lad who won honour and fame Wi’ Nelson at Battle ‘Trafalgar, Joe […]

The Return of Albert

You’ve ‘eard ‘ow young Albert Ramsbottom, In the Zoo up at Blackpool one year, With a stick and ‘orse’s ‘ead […]

The ‘Ole in the Ark

One evening at dusk as Noah stood on his Ark, Putting green oil in starboard side lamp, His wife came […]

Little Aggie

When Joe Dove took his elephants out on the road He made each one hold fast with his trunk To […]

The Channel Swimmer

Would you hear a Wild tale of adventure Of a hero who tackled the sea, A super-man swimming the ocean, […]

George and the Dragon

I’ll tell you the tale of an old country pub As fancied itself up to date, It had the word […]

The Jubilee Sov’reign

On Jubilee Day the Ramsbottoms Invited relations to tea, Including young Albert’s grandmother – An awkward old. . party, was […]

The Battle of Hastings

I’ll tell of the Battle of Hastings, As happened in days long gone by, When Duke William became King of […]

Albert’s Return

You’ve ‘eard ‘ow young Albert Ramsbottom At the zoo up at Blackpool one year With a stick with an ‘orse’s […]

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