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Before Summer Rain

Suddenly, from all the green around you, Something-you don’t know what-has disappeared; You feel it creeping closer to the window, […]

You, You Only, Exist

You, you only, exist. We pass away, till at last, Our passing is so immense That you arise: beautiful moment, […]

A Walk

My eyes already touch the sunny hill. Going far ahead of the road I have begun. So we are grasped […]

In The Beginning

Ever since those wondrous days of Creation Our Lord God sleeps: we are His sleep. And He accepted this in […]

The Sonnets To Orpheus: IV

O you tender ones, walk now and then Into the breath that blows coldly past, Upon your cheeks let it […]

To Lou Andreas-Salome

I held myself too open, I forgot That outside not just things exist and animals Fully at ease in themselves, […]

Autumn Day

Four Translations Lord: it is time. The summer was immense. Lay your shadow on the sundials And let loose the […]

The Neighbor

Strange violin, why do you follow me? In how many foreign cities did you Speak of your lonely nights and […]

The Sonnets To Orpheus: XIX

Though the world keeps changing its form As fast as a cloud, still What is accomplished falls home To the […]

Love Song

How can I keep my soul in me, so that It doesn’t touch your soul? How can I raise It […]

Child In Red

Sometimes she walks through the village in her little red dress All absorbed in restraining herself, And yet, despite herself, […]


The sky puts on the darkening blue coat Held for it by a row of ancient trees; You watch: and […]

The Poet

O hour of my muse: why do you leave me, Wounding me by the wingbeats of your flight? Alone: what […]

Greek Love-Talk

What I have already learned as a lover, I see you, beloved, learning angrily; Then for you it distantly departed, […]


How I have felt that thing that’s called ‘to part’, And feel it still: a dark, invincible, Cruel something by […]

Slumber Song

Some day, if I should ever lose you, Will you be able then to go to sleep Without me softly […]


Slowly the west reaches for clothes of new colors Which it passes to a row of ancient trees. You look, […]


How my body blooms from every vein More fragrantly, since you appeard to me; Look, I walk slimmer now and […]


And you wait, keep waiting for that one thing Which would infinitely enrich your life: The powerful, uniquely uncommon, The […]

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