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From The Tenth Elegy

Ah, but the City of Pain: how strange its streets are: The false silence of sound drowning sound, And there […]

Lady On A Balcony

Suddenly she steps, wrapped into the wind, Brightly into brightness, as if singled out, While now the room as though […]

Archaic Torso Of Apollo

We cannot know his legendary head With eyes like ripening fruit. And yet his torso Is still suffused with brilliance […]

Fire’s Reflection

Perhaps it’s no more than the fire’s reflection On some piece of gleaming furniture That the child remembers so much […]

Early Spring

Harshness vanished. A sudden softness Has replaced the meadows’ wintry grey. Little rivulets of water changed Their singing accents. Tendernesses, […]

The Lovers

See how in their veins all becomes spirit; Into each other they mature and grow. Like axles, their forms tremblingly […]

The Sonnets To Orpheus: I

A tree ascended there. Oh pure transendence! Oh Orpheus sings! Oh tall tree in the ear! And all things hushed. […]


Take me by the hand; It’s so easy for you, Angel, For you are the road Even while being immobile. […]

Dedication To M

Swing of the heart. O firmly hung, fastened on what Invisible branch. Who, who gave you the push, That you […]

Telling You All

Telling you all would take too long. Besides, we read in the Bible How the good is harmful And how […]

Venetian Morning

Windows pampered like princes always see What on occasion deigns to trouble us: The city that, time and again, where […]

On Hearing Of A Death

We lack all knowledge of this parting. Death Does not deal with us. We have no reason To show death […]

The Future

The future: time’s excuse To frighten us; too vast A project, too large a morsel For the heart’s mouth. Future, […]

The Sonnets To Orpheus: X

You who are close to my heart always, I welcome you, ancient coffins of stone, Which the cheerful water of […]

The Song Of The Blindman

I am blind, you out there that is a curse, Against one’s will, a contradiction, A heavy daily burden. I […]

Growing Old

In some summers there is so much fruit, The peasants decide not to reap any more. Not having reaped you, […]

Spanish Dancer

As in one’s hand a lighted match blinds you before It comes aflame and sends out brilliant flickering Tongues to […]

The Song Of The Widow

In the beginning life was good to me; It held me warm and gave me courage. That this is granted […]

The Apple Orchard

Come let us watch the sun go down And walk in twilight through the orchard’s green. Does it not seem […]

The Wait

It is life in slow motion, It’s the heart in reverse, It’s a hope-and-a-half: Too much and too little at […]

Herr, Es Ist Zeit

Herr: es ist Zeit. Der Sommer war sehr groЯ. Leg deinen Schatten auf die Sonnenuhren, Und auf den Fluren laЯ […]

To Music

Music: breathing of statues. Perhaps: Silence of paintings. You language where all language Ends. You time Standing vertically on the […]

Falling Stars

Do you remember still the falling stars That like swift horses through the heavens raced And suddenly leaped across the […]

Song Of The Orphan

I am no one and never will be anyone, For I am far too small to claim to be; Not […]

Duino Elegies: The Tenth Elegy

That some day, emerging at last from the terrifying vision I may burst into jubilant praise to assenting angels! That […]

Water Lily

My whole life is mine, but whoever says so Will deprive me, for it is infinite. The ripple of water, […]

Blank Joy

She who did not come, wasn’t she determined Nonetheless to organize and decorate my heart? If we had to exist […]

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